About SFT Index

UNTAD SFT Index measures and visualizes countries’ performance in Sustainable Freight Transport (SFT) in an internationally comparable manner, covering around 160 economies. Aligned with the UNCTAD SFT Framework, the index comprises the overall score, scores for the three pillars of SFT (i.e., economic score, social score, and environmental score), and scores for the SFT categories (e.g., infrastructure score, safety score, etc).

These scores offer insights into an economy’s relative standing in SFT performance worldwide. A score of 0 indicates that the economy has the worst performance in the world for all underlying SFT indicators, while a score of 100 indicates the best performance in the world for all indicators.

By offering comprehensive visualizations , the UNTAD SFT Index facilitates a deeper understanding of economies’ performances in sustainable freight transport and enables meaningful comparisons on a global scale.